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Updated 10/30/14.


Welcome to web support for the EMSB 1101, 1102, 1111, 1112, 1601 and 1602 (Basic Emergency Medical Technology) classes Waid Ray teaches at Southwest Tennessee Community College! Class announcements are in red text below the line on this page.

The links on the left side and at the bottom of each page will take you to the various types of information pertinent to my classes. The links at the bottom of each page are always the same. The links to the left mirror the ones at the bottom except when you are visiting the Documents pages.

  • Delta Medical Center clinical rotations: 1)  the Delta Medical Center procedure is found here, 2) the Delta Medical Center orientation is found here, 3) the Patient Care Report is found here (print at least 20 copies) and 4) the clinical attendance certification is found here (take one copy to each clinical session).

  • The overall Delta Medical Center clinical rotation schedule is available here.

  • Open the form here, type in your FULL name and print it.

  • Videos showing proper CPR technique are available here.

  • The lecture outline for CPR can be found here.


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