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Contact Information

Macon - Thornton Building room 116

Faculty Credentials

B.S.E.E., University of Memphis; minor:  Mathematics

M.S. Mathematics, University of Memphis; minor: Engineering

M.S.I.E., University of Tennessee, Knoxville


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Visit the courses below.  You will find helpful important information about each of the courses listed, including information such as course syllabus, interactive tutorials and lessons...


Basic Math  DSPM0700
Elementary Algebra DSPM0800
Intermediate Algebra DSPM0850
Basic Math DSPM0700 Online
DSPM0870 Elementary Algebra/Intermediate Algebra Combined Online

Developmental Studies requires mandatory attendance.  Therefore, the instructor is not obligated to review or cover any information that you may have missed as a result of your absence.  Any missed assignments, quizzes, graded material, or tests may not be made up after the due date. You may make arrangements to take the exam or turn in material prior to the due dates.


Graphing Calculator Tutorials, Help, and References

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TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator Tutorial and Manual

TI-84 silver edition Calculator

Graphing Calculator Quick Reference Guide

TI-86 Graphing Calculator Tutorial and Manual

Online Interactive Graphing Calculator

Online Graphing Calculator 2

Calculator Help Pages


Math  Links Interactive Tutorials  and Lessons

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Math Compass test preparation

Compass Test Homepage

Algebra Help (calculators, worksheets, and lessons)

Purple Math Algebra Lessons Modules Index

Unit Conversions

Math Reference Tables

Introduction to Probablility


This survey will help you review your current math study skills habits.
This side provides study tips for math and science.
Tips on overcoming math anxiety.
Lot's of information on math anxiety

Student Contributions

Students are encouraged to help other students.  the following information was submitted by students enrolled in Developmental Math classes.

Graph Paper

Graphing Calculator programs to download

Favorite Math sites submitted  by D. L.


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Rainbows Bridge Poem

Other Cat Picture1
Other Cat Picture 2
Cat Picture 3
Stuart little Picture
Stuart little Murphygetting a doughnut


Southwest Tennessee Community College Links

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Southwest Tennessee Community College Student Self Services and resources

Southwest Tennessee Community College Homepage

Southwest Tennessee Community College Student Handbook

Southwest Tennessee Community College Catalog