Tracing Blood Through the Heart

Purpose:  The purpose of this lab is to introduce the student to the structures of the heart and how blood flows through the heart.

Materials and Methods:  This lab requires a heart model.  The direction of blood flow through the heart is provided in the list below.

Experiment:  Using the model, explain to the instructor how blood flows through the heart.

1.  superior and inferior vena 
2.  right atrium
3.  tricuspid valves
4.  right ventricle
5.  semilunar valves of 
     pulmonary aorta
6.  pulmonary aorta
7.  right, left pulmonary 
8.  right, left lungs
9.  four pulmonary veins (2  
     right, 2 left side)
10.  left atrium
11.  bicuspid valves
12.  left ventricle
13.  semilunar valves of
      systemic aorta
14.  systemic aorta
15.  tissues and organs of


Conclusion:  How is the heart a double pump?

The left ventricle has thicker walls than the right ventricle and is somewhat larger.  Why are the ventricles different in size and thickness?

How do valves function?

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