Platyhelminthes:  Tapeworm

Purpose:  The purpose of this lab is to introduce the student to a parasitic flatworm called a tapeworm, an example of the phylum Platyhelminthes.

Materials and Methods:  This lab requires prepared slides of proglottids, scolex, microscopes (compound and dissection), and lens paper.

Experiment:  Examine the prepared scolex and proglottid slides on low power.  Note the hook-like structures on the scolex. 

Conclusion:  (Please use your text or the internet as a resource for the questions below.)  The illustration shown below shows the life cycle of a tapeworm. Label letters a-f in this diagram.

What is the scolex?  What is its function?

What is a proglottid?

Is man the primary or secondary host?  How is the cow involved in the tapeworm life cycle?

What can be said about the digestive and nervous systems of this organism?

What can be said about the reproductive system of this organism?

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