Model of the Animal Cell

Purpose:  The purpose of this lab investigation is to study a model of an animal cell and locate structures within it called organelles.

Materials and Methods:  For this experiment, the student will need a Ward's model of the animal cell and a key of the cell parts. 


Examine the Ward's model of the animal cell and complete the following based on your observations:

1.  Locate the large blue central compartment or organelle in the model.  This structure is the __________.  Examine the membrane that forms this organelle.  Two unique features of this membrane are:  a.  _____________________ and b.  __________________________________.  There are two white "ball-like" masses within.  These are the ____________.  The fine red thread-like structures represent the ________________.

2.  What color is the cytoplasm on this model?  _____________.

3.  Locate the orange organelles in the model.  These organelles look like _____________________ and are called__________________.  The inner folds visible in these organelles are called __________.

4.  The blue organelles throughout the cytoplasm that are highly branched are the _________________.  How does the "rough" one differ from the "smooth" one? _______________________________________

5.  Locate the small, red "sand-like" structures in the model.  What are they? __________________.  What two places do you see them? ____________________________________________________.

6.  What is the very large red structure in the cytoplasm?  It is over near the edge of the cell model. _____________.  Describe it as it appears on the model:  _____________________________.

7.  What are the two "pink" structures on the model?  __________________________.   Why is each one shown as 9 tubes bundled together?  ________________________________________________.  Where in the cytoplasm do you see them?  That is, what other organelle are they located near?  ____________.

8.  Compare the model to the illustration above.  What are some cellular components that are not represented on the model?  ________________________________________________________


What are the features of an animal cell?  _______________________________________________

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