The Ear

Purpose:  The purpose of this lab is to introduce the student to the structures of the human ear.

Materials and Methods:  This lab requires an ear model and either the text or internet as a resource. 

Experiment:  Using the model, locate the following structures:  outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, tympanic membrane, pinna, hammer, anvil, stirrup, semicircular canals, cochlear, auditory canal, eustachian (auditory) tube, cochlea, semicircular canals, oval window, round window, and auditory nerve.

Conclusion:  (Please use your text or the internet as a resource for the questions below.)

Determine a major function of the following:

tympanic membrane
inner ear
auditory nerve
eustachian (auditory) tube

What are ossicles?

What are two main functions of the inner ear?

How do the oval and round windows play a role in sound perception?

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